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Why choose to drive an automatic?


Toyota Yaris Hybrid with Automatic Gearbox

Automatic Driving is becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons, most important is that it is less stressful and so much easier and safer. One spends more time looking ahead and not at the gear lever. Also, as there is no clutch so there is no possibility of stalling. You are also always in the correct gear at the correct time. Both of the above are common reasons for the driving test failures in a manual car.


Due to the above, on average the pupil spends a lot less time and money learning to drive an automatic car.


Once upon a time there was a big difference in miles per gallon and acceleration between a manual and an automatic car. With modern technology on a lot of vehicles this is not so any more. For example, my tuition car both MPG and acceleration figures are equlivalent to the manual version.